Home of the 1st  World Air Games Parachuting Events. Jump above the ancient city of Ephesus and Aegean Sea. Open all year long. 

  • Minimum Weight Limit:    35 kg.
  • Maximum Weight Limit:   90 kg.
  • Maximum Height Limit:    1,90 cm. 
  • Minimum age limit : 14 years old
  • 15 min. briefing before jump 
  • 12000 Feet  & 4000 m. 
  • 13m/sn  speed 
  • 45  seconds  free fall 

* Do not forget to bring comfortable clothing and sneakers with you. Sandals, bootsor high heeled shoes are not suitable for diving. 

* Prior to the tandem jump, the participants are to assure that they do not have anyphysical and mental problems by signing an “UNDERTAKING”.

* Age limit is minimum 14 for Tandem jump, the participants under 18 years old can jump only after the permission of one of his/her parents (by showing identification card)

JUMP HOURS :   12.30 p.m & 15.00 p.m 

JUMP  DAYS   :   Daily except Tuesdays

 2014  TANDEM JUMP  PRICES                                                                                                                                                

TANDEM  JUMP   :       450 TL p.p

VIDEO CAMERA  :        150 TL p.p (upon request)  

Activity Time     :         Up To 2 hours

Included             :        Tax + Insurance + All services and equipments 

Payment            :        Pre-payment amount is held by our agency and can be paid by credit card or Paypal. Above remaining amount can be paid on arrival by cash or credit card. 

PLEASE NOTE      :       A refundable deposit  of 25 YTL payment p.p is required. And it includes return transfers from/to Selcuk.


Cancellation Policy  Pre-paid reservations cancelled more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time will be refunded. Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to pick-up are not refundable.

Refund Policy   Prepaid reservations cancelled more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time will be refunded. No refunds will be issued for cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to pick-up time.

Transfers can be arranged from/to Selcuk includes pre-payment amount.  For the jump planning to be realized without any problems, the bookings must be done at least 2 days before. During high season (May-June-July-August-September-October), it is recommended that the bookings should be made at least 1 week before, due to the excessive load. Although it is possible to jump without booking, the priority is granted to those who have bookings. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee  jumping on that day for those who do not have bookings.

We would like to remind you that jumps can be cancelled due to weather conditions. Please check with us before you come to the skydiving center. 

Our agency do not accept any responsibility in these cases. And your pre-payment will be refunded. 



Max.Weight Limit : 100 kg

Min. Age Limit : 12 years old

 20 min tour
200 TL
 30 min tour
 250 TL
 60 min. tour
   430 TL

 Included  :    Tax + Insurance +  All services and equipments at the Airport             


 Deposit amount is held by our agency. Please pay above Microlight prices in TL to Skydive Center on arrival


Max.Weight Limit : 100 kg

Min. Age Limit : 12 years old

 20 min tour
 250 TL
 30 min tour
 300 TL
 60 min. tour
   500 TL

 Included  :    Tax + Insurance +  All services and equipments at the Airport   



Recommended Hotels in Selcuk : Centrally Located, Comfortable       /   


AFF training is available in Turkish for the ones whocan speak fluent Turkish.

Please ask for more information.  


Documents Required, Checkbefore coming, Health Insurance, Parachute, Insurance Info, Safety Rules

1. Parking and entering into the jumping area aswell as the cafe section with any vehicle (car, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.) isprohibited.

2. For security reasons, the entrance of children and pets into the landing and folding area is dangerous andprohibited.

3. The entrance of the visitors (guests)into the landing and folding area without permission is prohibited.

4. Use of alcohol and coming to (exit from)the jumping area having taken alcohol is prohibited.

5. Those who do not have personal accidentinsurance and who have missing documents are not allowed to jump.

6. Those who will jump in this jumping areamust get a briefing from the Dropzone authorities about the aerodrome.

7. Manifesto warnings must be observed.

8. All materials belonging to theTurkish Aeronautical Association and taken debit must be used carefully and nomaterial will be rented to the careless users. After landing, parachutes willbe collected properly and will be placed in the folding region.

9. Folding canvas will be used during thefolding process.

10. After each folding process, the folding notebooks of the parachutes will besigned by the folding licence holder.

11. Unsafe attitudes will not be performed during the jumps, otherwise theinstructors have the right to cease the jump of the parachutist.

12. Automatic deployment device must be used by all means during the jumps.

13. Nobody is allowed to board before girding on,the checks are made and the automatic deployment device is activated.

14. The parachutists are not allowed to change any material without the consent(approval) of the dropzone authority.

15. The parachutists who take a break can proceed after their restraints are over.

16. The comformity of the material with which the parachutist will perform the jumpwill be confirmed by the Jump Safety Instructor.

17. The students are required to keep a jumping karteks  andnotebook until receiving FAI-A and FAI-B licence and after FAI-B licence, theyare to keep a jumping notebook. The evaluation of the break restraints of theparachutists will be made after analyzing the jumping karteks and notebooks.

18. The students are not allowed to go out for jumping with the instructors untilreceiving FAI-B licence and the parachutists holding FAI-B licence and aboveare not allowed to go out for jumping with the other accompanying parachutistsbefore getting a jumping briefing.

19. It is expected to stay behind the yellow line until the aircraft stopscompletely in the landing area.

20. When boarding the aircraft, one must approach from behind the aircraft.

21. The rules of sitting inside the aircraft will be obeyed.

22. After boarding the aircraft, it is compulsory to wear helmets, during take offand landing (+/- 1500 feet)

23. Parachute deployment altitude is 3500 feet. It must be deployed by 3000 feet.

24. The landing areas are determined according to the proficiency level of the parachutistsand the performance of the parachutes and it is not allowed to land outsidethese regions except the exceptional conditions.

25. Those who perform Hook Turn studies will inform the manifesto and will use thewest of the landing area (landing area of the parachutists without licences).

26. After landing on the landing area, it will be left immediately paying attentionto the descent of the other parachutists.

27. If the landing area is the northern part of the runway, the runway will not bepassed uncontrolled and alone.

28. Smoking is prohibited in the folding are and its vicinity.


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