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We can arrange a private transfer to / from Izmir Airport 24/7. New, comfortable vehicles, experienced drivers. Please note that transfer prices below are inclusive totals. There are no extra charges. Prices are included taxes and other surcharges. Transfer from İzmir Airport to Selçuk and Kusadasi are available


Izmir Airport(ADB)-Selcuk       

45 € / total /one way /car/ 1 to 4 pax

65 € / total /one way /minivan/ 5+ pax

İzmir Airport(ADB)-Kusadasi    

69 € / total /one way / 1 to 4 pax

80 € / total /one way /minivan/ 5+ pax


*Select required transfer and Click ''Pay Now'' button below. You will see below '' FLIGHT AND ACCOMMODATION DETAILS'' section.  Click ''Add'' and write your flight details (Time,number) and your accommodation details at destination. 

Choose your transfer ( ADB = Izmir Aİrport)

*Emergency Contact Number : +905308840854 (mobile)

Cancellation Policy

Prepaid reservations cancelled more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time will be refunded. Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to pick-up are not refundable.

Refund Policy

Prepaid deposit reservations cancelled more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time will be refunded. No refunds will be issued for cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to pick-up time. 


Selcuk           60 km  50 min approx.

Ayvalik          158 km (98 miles) N, 2-1/2 hours approx.

Bergama       118 km (73 miles) N, 1-3/4 hours approx.

Bodrum         232 km (144 miles) S, 4 hours approx.

Canakkale     358 km (222 miles) N, 5 hours approx.

Istanbul         628 km (390 miles) N, 8 hours approx.

Kusadasi        77 km (48 miles) S, 1-1/2 hours approx.

Marmaris       302 km (189 miles) S, 4.5 hours approx.

Pamukkale     252 km (157 miles) E, 4 hours


Licence N0 :6377





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          2. Week of September 2015

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